3 Benefits Of Working With A Recruiting Firm

Depending on the size of your business and sensitivity of the position you’re hiring for, recruiting firms can be of great benefit to businesses that are both large and small. While some businesses find the process of working with staffing agencies remarkably rewarding, others end up feeling as though they could have done the same job themselves cheaper. If you’re considering using recruiters to fill a position in your firm, there’s a number of factors that need to be considered including the importance of the position, the difficulty in finding a suitable candidate, the expense of hiring a recruiting firm to staff the position.

Headhunters Cast a Wider Net

For those that can fill a position by putting the job up on their website or job boards, a recruiter is going to probably be a waste of time. Of course, companies that get sufficient applicants by going through normal avenues still hire recruiting agencies because sometimes it helps to get an outside opinion or a fresh set of eyes on the prospect. The issue for HR departments is that they often get bogged down in the process, and then end up hiring someone that seems like they’d be a good fit, but ends up finding a job they feel is better for them 6 months later.

This happens, no doubt, because of a service that headhunters perform for prospective clients. That is to say, they don’t limit their search merely to applicants. Headhunters have a solid understanding of the industry at large and typically have a number of individuals in their stable that would be effective candidates for various jobs. When that job meshes with the candidate’s career goals, and the candidate meshes with company’s culture, link that not only makes for a filled position, it makes for a happy candidate that is likely to stay with the company they’ve been placed with.

Headhunters Cost Money

Depending on whether you hire the executive recruiting firm for your Los Angeles business on a retained basis, headhunters can end up costing you a lot of money. A firm that hires a headhunting firm on a contingency basis may have to deal with the fact that their business is not the firm’s only client. That means my explanation if a candidate who seems great for you, decides to go with a different firm, then it’s tough luck, and typically you’re going to pay a great deal of money to hire a firm on retainer. Most companies end up hiring recruiting firms when their own efforts to staff a position result in not enough qualified candidates or the last person they hired, seemed great but didn’t work out, and by that time they’ve already wasted more of their money than they’d probably prefer.

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